Dec 19 — Flipboard Explorations

So I decided to flip through Mr. K’s Flipboard thingy and I liked the following artworks:

Multiple-Exposure Chrono-chorotic Photographs 

Kimsooja: It Was Just a Dream 

 Cathy Cunningham-Little

I really like the Cathy Cunningham-Little one because it relates to the loss of eyesight, and since my eyesight is really bad (lol) I find it interesting. I like how the last two kind of remind me of the project I did last year with the refraction glasses, and I like how the first one is really different. I kind of want to explore with the “Chrono-chorotic”  photography technique that Reinhold Adscheid came up with. In terms of the critical analysis, the Cathy Cunningham-Little one is a possibility.

Last year’s project + the sun viewed from refraction glasses:




I think I might just use the refraction glasses again this year, but maybe take pictures of different lights, rather than just the prism from last year. Since its winter, I wonder what the snow will look like through refraction glasses. I’m just brainstorming though.



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